Thursday, October 15, 2009

Penelope Przekop

It's weird and nice how things run sometimes.
Bob Hogge, one of the gallery directors of Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery who represents my work in New York City, introduced my name and website to Penelope Przekop. She's an author living in Philadelphia, USA and has amongst many other things written books like 'Aberrations' and 'Six sigma for business excellence'. She was interested in my work and she mailed me, introducing herself and next asked me if I'd be interested to read the draft of her new novel 'Centerpieces'. Vincent and Theo van Gogh are key characters in the novel, which takes place in Paris and New York City. I love the art of Vincent van Gogh, I love Paris and I love New York... all good reasons to read the draft!
I loved it, and could not stop reading... She's got it, she knows how to write and intrigue!
I feel really honored that she asked me to review it.
So, when the book, Centerpieces, is published go get and read it!!!

Besides all that, keep an eye on her, because she's got more skills, she's a painter as well!!
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