Sunday, May 16, 2010

On the film set

Yesterday my friends and I went for a walk on the Sahara (I cannot help it, it's really called the Sahara, and it's not situated in Africa but in Belgium). I often go there because of the forest, nature, beach, water and quietness. Suddenly we noticed something strange on the horizon. Above the slope of the landscape we saw 2 roofs with chimneys which weren't there a few days ago. We got curious, walked up to it and found out that it was a film set of the new Flemish movie 'Frits and Freddy' with Tom Van Dyck and Peter Van den Begin. I'm really very impressed by the Flemish film industry and its actors. I love their sense of humor, acting, feeling for cult and art etc... Although, lol, the art in one of the houses was really awefull and awesome at the same time because of the setting it was situated in. I'm really curious about the movie (a comedy) which will be shown in the Belgian cinemas as from December 15, 2010.

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