Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Relocation of my studio

Suddenly I have such a tight schedule, that I'm slowly going nuts (as far as I ain't nuts already!).
I'm good at multi tasking, but I 've learned that I definitely am not a good juggler when it concerns 7 different things at the same time. All at once everything comes together:
  • The contract of my great studio-space ends in July. 
  • We're looking for a new space before the end of August, where we can both live and work (and realize new dreams). It's not easy to find what we have in mind on such short notice.
  • This means we have to pack and move everything from my studio AND worse.... all the stuff from our current house. Not to forget the organisational part concerning contracts, subscriptions, making a list of addresses etc...
  • At the same time I've got a lot of very important private proceedings to deal with.
But first:
  • I've got a final exhibition in my studio at the end of June

Pfjew..... I think I won't be bored
.... Wake me up when September ends.


  1. Esther, what does not destroy you will make you stronger (just kidding)!

  2. wow.....a lot of things to do! good luck with it, keep up the strenght, you can do it!!!
    have i read correctly? are you also moving from your house?

  3. It is true Ron, well most of the time.

    Thanks Iet!
    And yes... we'll be moving!