Sunday, January 16, 2011

An overcrowded opening!

Karin van de Walle and me in front of one of her sculptures

This beautiful Sunday afternoon we went to Vught (near 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands) to the opening of an exhibition of my colleague-friend Karin van de Walle. 
We both work with Gallery Delfi Form and Gallery Tracé in the Netherlands.
Karin makes wonderful sculptures, very recognizable as real Van de Walle's in bronze and ceramics, from small to huge!
Gallery Van Loon & Simons represents Karin's work since a couple of years and now there was a big opening.
I mean really  B I G  !!!!
I was very impressed!
Not only by the business instinct and passion of the young owners, not only by their beautiful gallery, but also by the number of visitors.
It's been a long time that I've seen so many people crowded on the opening of an exhibition.
We had to wait to be able to enter the gallery (a big old mansion) and next we had to queue up, through the entire gallery.
We had hardly entered when we already saw several red dots (which means that the piece of art has been sold) next to Karin's sculptures.
The exhibition was a trio of Karin's sculptures, paintings of Marta Jedrysko and chocolate sculptures (YES!!!) of Arthur de Rouw.
There even were chocolate sculptures of one of Karin's sculptures.
Karin has outdone herself. I love to see the evolution she keeps on making, everytime again.

If you want to see her art for real, I absolutely recommend to visit this exhibition at the beautiful Gallery Van Loon & Simons, with it's very friendly staff and great collection of artists.
Don't forget to visit the beautiful, large garden with sculptures!
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  1. Esther, I am just so impresses with your skills, marketing and sheer artistic talent. Really!

  2. Karin van de Walle's work is beautiful. It's great news that so many people showed up (not to mention the red dots!). Hope all is well Esther!

  3. Thanks Kathy and Dana!
    And yes Dana, Karin's work is extraordinary!
    She's got it!
    I'm doing fine, busy as always!!!
    Hope you are too!!! :)