Saturday, April 16, 2011


Who Gets to Call it Art? - Trailer
Tags: Who Gets to Call it Art? - Trailer

This morning, when I was exercising on my elliptical, I saw the documentary 'Who gets to call it art?' made by Peter Rosen, which just happened to be broadcasted on TV.
Really interesting to see how 1 person was of as much influence to the art world as Henry Geldzahler (born in Antwerp - Belgium) has been at that time in New York.
Very interesting to see too, how he was a sort of muse to Andy Warhol.
What an extraordinary time for artists it was!
Exceptional and historical was the fact that the Metropolitan was emptied to be filled only with contemporary art (wow!!!!!!) of Geldzahler's choice.
I wish there was a Henry Geldzahler right now. But then again... only 1 Henry would not be enough. The world has become smaller, the number of people increased enormously and at the same time the number of artists has grown equally. Aside from the copycats and rubbish, there is SO much good art to be discovered. Henry would get crazy! There's just too much to choose from!

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