Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Burden and blessing at once

Detail of 'When the lady smiles'
I've been extremely productive during the last weeks. While creating one painting, the idea for the next one popped up and I could not wait to start it.
It's a good thing to live with my love, kids and dog. I would forget to eat and would only stop if I'm ready to drop with sleep, when I would be alone. I can't stop painting. It's like I'm infected with a dominant virus which makes me want to paint more and more.
And now I'm really tired because I did not listen to my body. It says 'take a rest'. Okay, I will....in a few days :). The only reason that I'm writing this blogpost right now is that I have to wait for the paint to dry, before I can continue.
Anyway... I'm happy with my production bombardment and the fact that I'm never without ideas, which is a burden and a blessing at the same time.
It makes me restless and I always have to find the balance. But hey... you will not hear me complain!
Next Friday, June 3, my solo show at ARTISHOX Art Gallery in Hasselt - Belgium, will get started. It displays the first paintings in the new series: 'Girls in Paint' and my latest abstract works. They make a good combination I think.
I'll be present on Saturday, June 4 (11.00 - 18.00 hours) and you are very welcome. The exhibition lasts until July 30. For more info and opening hours check www.artishox.com

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