Saturday, December 10, 2011


Spot painting by Damien Hirst

First: I am not only an artist, but I'm also an art lover. Loving art to me means that I can leave my own taste at home, and 'judge' contemporary and older art by its quality, originality, unicity and power to impress/touch the heart/get under one's skin. And (for older art) also the time/period that it was made in. Usually I only react on art and artists when I really think it's great (or when an artists asks my opinion, but then I will always give constructive criticism). I don't like to talk bad about art, because negative criticism can say as much (or more) about me, than on the art(ist) in question and I also do not want to disappoint people.
But now... I'm sorry, I really need to speak up. Not because I think that I am better! NO... because I think a lot of artists, including myself DESERVE better. At least as much as Damien Hirst...
Or I'd better turn it around? He does not deserve more than a lot of extremely talented/their-ass-of-working/high quality/unique/original artists do....? 

Maybe I just have to see it this way: he's the lucky one....?!
What's this all about?

Damien Hirst, who is said to be one of todays leading contemporary artists, confided to the Los Angeles Times, that his SPOT paintings look
"sort of happy — like Skittles or kids' sweets" but "when you see them together you get kind of lost in them. There's an underlying anxiousness."..... Wow, what a story!!!!  

I can't believe that buyers fall for that crap! I get an underlying anxiousness as well when I look at those paintings... because I can NOT understand that people pay a lot of money for something so UNoriginal and dull (times at least 300 !!!! ... Is that original ?????).

Hirst's SPOT paintings are exhibited in all Gagosian Galleries all over the world. 
YES.... GAGOSIAN!!!!!! 
Gagosian is a leading gallery. I mean... if I could work with them... that would be like winning the lottery... okay okay I will stop dreaming out loud.
But really... I do NOT see another reason for them to work with Damien Hirst than the fame of his name.... or differently said: the money they can earn with his fame. Or do they really LOVE his spot paintings and butterflies???
I know that a gallery is not a charity institution. They have to earn money just like everyone else does. But there really are artists on this planet who have more exciting art to select from!
Of course, Hirst has done a lot more than his Spot paintings and his Butterfly paintings. I actually like his shark (and other animals) period... because it was innovative. But I cannot say that about his recent work (of the last couple of years). I think it's highly overestimated and personally I do not understand that an artist of his level wants the Spot paintings to be known as his! I'm sorry... I would not! I would love to advice Gagosian on some very good other artists though!

I need to add that I am not a jealous person. I really wish the best to everyone, especially to those who work hard to reach their goals (in each field). I wish the best to Damien Hirst as well (so Damien don't take this too personal!). By the way Damien, there are some other artists as well who would easily fit in this post, instead of you.


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  1. Esther,
    your damm right
    There are so many good and better artist in the world.