Wednesday, May 02, 2012

CALVET in Belgium.

(sorry, my friend and I were pulling various funny faces... not suitable for publicity :) You'll have to do with this part of the picture)

Sunday evening I went to DOCVILLE in Leuven, Belgium to see CALVET for the second time.
This documentary, made by Dominic Allan, with touching soundtrack of Edith Progue, about my fellow artist Jean Marc Calvet, also for the second time, hit me right in the face again.
The shooting of this documentary has been like a therapy for Jean Marc, going back to the venues of his past. Although Dominic is the producer and director of this film, he turned out to be a very good friend for him as well during this period (and still is). When you face your shadow, like Jean Marc did, you need some very good company for reflection. 

In my point of view, CALVET is so much more than 'only' a documentary. That is why everyone should see it.

Take your chance if you live in Belgium or the Netherlands, tomorrow MAY 3, DOCVILLE, Cinema Zed in Leuven, Belgium, 21.45 hours. check

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