Sunday, February 03, 2013

AUCTION OF MY WORK to help my friends who LOST EVERYTHING!!!!

       3 small original paintings - 2 Limited Edition Fine Art Prints, 1 poster (5 pcs)

They lived on Long Island, New York. Their first loss was because of Sandy, NEXT because of the insurances, THIRD because of the banks, and last but not least....because the system stinks. 

Check THIS link, and click on each picture to see what the starting price is, and what bid has been made.

Bidding starts NOW and ends on February 8, 2013, 00.00 hours CET. 
You can send me a message with the painting/print of your choice and the amount you want to bid, on my personal e-mail: or through my FACEBOOK message box .

'Imagine you wake up tomorrow morning. And everything you own is gone. Your home, car, all your belongings, everything you worked for your whole adult life. You spend the next couple weeks camped out on a friends couch. You spend your days tearing down your walls and ripping up your floors because they are septic. Due to mold and sewage. You bag up hundreds of industrial size garbage bags of of your hard earned belongings and memories and put them on the curb for the dump. The weeks turn into months. You rent a place but are still paying a mortgage and tax's for a place you can not live in. Your insurance company who you have paid for decades nickels and dimes you. And even if they pay ( and its the least they have to ) the bank may hold or refuse to cash the check so you can start to rebuild. Then your told after all this you may ( there's a good chance have to elevate your home six to ten feet at a cost of seventy to eighty thousand dollars. So you may want to consider delaying any rebuilding until after that's resolved which could take a couple years. Now imagine this what I just said may well be your best case scenario . That's what the people in my community are dealing with day after day. These are not irresponsible people they just happened to be in the target path of a storm named Sandy. Now they are being run over by incompetent bureaucracy and greedy banks and insurance company's. Now you may not think this is your problem. And I hope it never is. But if it does you will understand how the people in New Orleans and New York, Conn,and New Jersey feel. Good luck with your faith in the system...'

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