Saturday, March 14, 2009

Living art

My life breathes art and I cannot imagine living without it. Everything I see, hear, smell, feel, and think is immerged with art. To me it seems like I have a filter in my head. Every observation through any sense automatically has to pass that filter first... eager as I am to explore and archive everything I can, to use later on in one of my art works. I never have a day off... I cannot help it. But I like it!!!! so you don't hear me complain.

I often laugh at myself, because I get overwhelmed every time again and again. By the colors of the changing of the seasons, by nature, architecture, cinematographic movies, documentaries on National Geographic about nature, mother earth etc... Music (I've got my preferences) does the same with me. It hits me in my soul. Literature that is written so beautifully, with so much love that you cannot contain it.

I astonish myself by getting surprised time after time... don't I ever get used to it??? Shouldn't I? I hope I don't, because I really enjoy it!

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