Thursday, June 04, 2009


Love poem in black & white, 39x23 inch/100x60 cm

I've been busy the last few weeks with my new series 'Pop-up'.
While experimenting, and not being entirely satisfied about the result, the idea came up to continue with an experiment I started 3 years ago. Of course I had to adjust it to the developments I've made ever since. And so the first painting in the Pop-up series arose. The painting appeared first, and then the name of the Pop-up series popped up.
There are 11 paintings now in this series, smaller and large ones. My head is filled with variations on them and I cannot wait to implement them.
It's a pity that I cannot project them directly from my head, through my eyes to canvas... that would be really nice!!

Sometimes I'm too impatient and it takes a lot of energy to keep focussed on the canvas if it does not grow as quickly as I would like it to do.
On the other hand... I love to watch what comes out of my hands.
It's amazing to experience that sometimes it's like the painting paints itself and I've got nothing to do with it, only my hands working.

I'm feeling very happy in my studio with all these new paintings surrounding me.
Often I find it difficult to give up my paintings when they are sold or going to one of the galleries representing my work. The knowledge that I might never see it again.... So I'm very happy that I still do have the pictures!

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