Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pop-ups in the open and Ivo Daniëls

Close up of 'the beauty of ignorance' from the pop-up series

Today my handsome webdesigner has put the images of the new paintings from the Pop-up series on my website. More new Pop-up-paintings are on their way! Some of them still only popped-up in my head, some of them are under construction yet.

One of 'The nothing between the something' illustrations from, and courtesy of, Ivo Daniëls.

Yesterday Ivo, a young old friend of mine, came to visit my studio. He lives in Amsterdam but was in the neighborhood and we had an inspiring talk. Ivo recently graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven and is working on a few projects right now. He's one of the most distinctive persons I know, always following his own feelings. The consequence is that his path is not the most easy one, but the results are the ones you would not have thought of. He's always looking for challenges and is very inventive. If you want to visit his website and discover more about him:

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