Monday, July 13, 2009

Simon Vinkenoog - expert in the Art of Living

Saturday evening I read that Simon Vinkenoog, a famous Dutch writer en poet, was dying. He had an enormous brain haemorrhage. Sunday early in the morning he died, his family was with him.

Simon would have become 81 next week and was a lightning example for humanity in positivity and staying young in his head. Always happy and full of energy. I admired him and his lifestyle at his age. He was a bright light and still performing on stage with Spinvis. He was not only an artist, but also an expert in the art of living! Or as we say in Dutch 'een levenskunstenaar'. You would not have given him 81 at all! Also he was the ambassador of marihuana, smoking joints every day til the day he died.

Lately I saw a documentary on television (made by Hugo Borst) about Jan Ykema, a former Dutch professional skater who, after finishing his career, was heavily addicted to cocaine and speed for some time. A black period in his life. He rehabilitated, but not without his 'medicin' as he calls it... smoking a joint from time to time. It calms him down and lightens him up. People who suffer from chronic pain also benefit from this medicin. In the Netherlands marihuana is not forbidden, like in many other countries. But under pressure of European laws etc... the laws about buying and growing it are getting tighter. Hugo interviewed Jan, and also his son (a teenager) who was very happy that he got his father back and understood that smoking a joint is not that bad at all. Drinking alcohol every day, is much worse.

Jan Ykema's demented father is staying in a home for the elderly. He was sick, getting sicker and did not want to get up and could not walk anymore... until Jan one day decided to put marihuana-leaf in his tea.. In a few days the old man recovered, got out of bed, started walking again and was much happier....

Maybe we should give the elderly who don't enjoy life anymore, the choice to drink some marihuana-tea from time to time and brighten up their days! Life would be much more beautiful for them and I think it would save a lot of costs in medication and sleeping pills as well!

Why not learning from this?... Why not trying to learn the art of living? Just like Simon Vinkenoog! Why does everything has to be so strict and why can't everybody loosen a bit?
Get a life!

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  1. Yep, a joint a day keeps the doctor at bay.
    And two keeps yer really smiling.