Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Although it's summer, today I was spring-cleaning my studio. It had become such a mess! When I'm at work the only thing I've got eyes for is the painting I'm creating.
I don't notice where I put the pot with paint after using it, I don't care on what things I wipe the paletknifes and brushes, I don't mind that the paint splatters around... I'm not aware of these things because I'm concentrating on my painting. That's nice... but the consequence is that I often have to search for the things I've lost, not knowing where I put them. Quite annoying when you need it to continue painting and you were just doing fine. It's not even a question of remembering. Like the palette knife I was just holding, but where is it now? Where did I put the titan white? Oh #$%&#, I forgot to put the brush in water, now it's all dried up and I cannot use it anymore... Because I am like I am, that behaviour will not disappear with a spring-cleaning. But it's nice that everything is in order now. Ready to start again after a satisfying summer break.

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