Monday, December 28, 2009

My thoughts around this time of year

What I feel, conscious and unconscious, has its affect on my work. This is the part which I cannot explain in words.  

The period around christmas and new year, for me, is a great time to read (food for thought), rest and contemplate. So I read 'The lost symbol' of Dan Brown, a few articles on reincarnation, and I am still busy reading 'an historical account of two notable corruptions of scripture' from Sir Isaac Newton (which confirms my thoughts about how things have been (intentionally) misinterpreted in the bible).
I've always been interested in esoteric wisdom, unseen truths and psychology. Because I'm lucky not to be religious-educated, I got curious, already as a young child. I wanted to learn about religions myself. But the more I read, the less I understood. The more questions I asked the 'theology-teacher' in high-school, the lower my grade-point-average got. "One should not question, one should just 'believe'." ????
But that doesn't work for me. I believe in 'God', but the definition for me is not the one that is preached in churches, mosques and temples.
I can see that a lot of religions are based on the same legitimate values, but why on earth all this abuse of power... every time, in about every religion and in so many ways. There's nothing legitimate about that. (As far as I know only the Buddhists have been peaceful, but it's very interesting to know that Buddhism did not start as a religion but as a lifestyle, which I like better. It was turned into a religion later.)
God/Allah/Yaweh would have never approved of all this. Anyway, the god in me does not. I don't like religions for the simple reason of all rules that are imposed/forced upon us. 

One could become depressed from where we (mankind) stand right now.
But I'm not. I'm very positive, and I think that being aware of, and actually feeling the positive and optimistic energy around us, as well as learning from the past, will help us in making the necessary changes.

I wish you a very healthy, good and wise 2010!

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