Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New catalogue - assignment delivered - new paintings under construction

This is the front of my new catalogue. It's a part of 'Summer in the city' (90x150 cm). The left side is on the back of the catalogue.
It's obtainable at every gallery I work with.

A close up of a detail of the assignment I delivered last week: 'The sweetest thing'. I love this painting, and fortunately the clients fel in love with it immediately.
The red is much more intense than is shown on this picture. 

I've finished another new painting 'A new dawn' and started a new series of smaller ones.
Because of the continuous cold and snow this winter, it's much colder than usual in my studio. But nothing can stop me from realizing the ideas I've got in my head. So I wear a lot of layers to stay warm and proceed.
I love it!

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