Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Collection of original macros

On one of the last pages in my new catalogue there's a collage of close-ups from parts of my paintings. I like those close-ups because you can see the layers, you can see how the colors are worked up, and the relief. I think the combination of these pictures is awesome. It inspired me to make original macros on canvas 20x20 cm / 8x8 inch.
It took me much longer to create these pieces than the paintings I made before on 20x20 cm / 8x8 inch. I think this is because the former ones were micro performances. These macros are much more detailed. Also the sides of the stretchers (4 cm / 1,5 inch) are painted very detailed too.

This is 1 artwork, consisting of 6 pieces. A hexaptyc.
It is called 'Macro mode Part 1'
Part 1 because there will definitely follow a Part 2.