Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FOUND: a new location!!!

Everything has been arranged, finally!
We've found a new space to live and work.
It's only 18 km from my studio in Eersel!
Though it's not located in the Netherlands, but in Belgium!

To be exact, it is located in Lommel, only 2,5 km on the other side of the border.
My studio space is not as enormous as in Eersel, but big enough and it feels good (which is the most important thing!), It looks good too!
As from September 15, it will be ready for me to start a new series of paintings!
By then I'll announce the exact address of course and my new telephone number.
My website-address stays the same (it's proven to be of service: dot eu), my email-address too, and one can call me on the current telephone number until further notice.

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