Friday, July 16, 2010


I feel honored to be interviewed by FAD!

I like the questions very much. They are fresh, with humour and completely different.
FAD is a London based art website covering contemporary art news, street art, video,design, etc. They cover new openings,art fairs from around the world and have extensive interviews with artists themselves. As well as news from the London scene they cover Berlin,Paris,New York and even the Asian market. It’s an eclectic mix of cool happening art stuff.

If you want to read they interview and all the other cool art stuff on FAD:


  1. Hi Esther, an excellent interview… very thought provoking. In explaining your art, the notion of the artist mediating between the underworld and the world above is quite intriguing. However, your Zen-like practice of emptying your mind before painting really struck a cord with me. Based on Zen, achieving a no-mind state reveals the true self by stripping away the ego. It is then possible for the artist to be in sync with the forces of the universe (tapping infinity). Interestingly, in your art there is the absence of form (the void) and your forms have no beginning and no end, both a reflection of infinity! By the way, running is healthier than ethanol to achieve the state of no-mindedness (just kidding!)…

  2. Thanks for your insights Ron.
    I did not develop the practice of emptying my mind on purpose. In the process of the last years I noticed that the best paintings were made when they just seem to have arisen... Like if I had not been around. That's when I got more aware of the effect of creating from the heart, not the head.
    Though I'm curious about the results, I have never tried to paint after drinking alcohol or using drugs. I'm not going to try, because I think it's going to be a big disappointment. LOL!

  3. Esther, I guess I would have like Pollock to run! Evidently, you have unveiled the path to artistic freedom and innovation… and you are currently following it... but like many things in life, it’s easier said than done! It's an interesting challenge to tackle though!

  4. Ron, I guess everyone has to follow his own path. What works for one, doesn't necessary work for an other.
    So don't get discouraged when it does not work for you. By the way, I think Pollock did a great job by not running. Although, yes, maybe he would have been a lot happier (and therefore live longer) if he would have run!