Monday, October 04, 2010

Portable-Art collection 2010.

Last year I did a project called Portable-Art.
The idea came up, and after a lot of experimenting a collection of art-bags appeared.
I got really awesome reactions on the art-bags (fully created and manufactured by myself, which cost me days for one bag).
But I got fed up with the very meticulous process of manufacturing and finished the project. Back to my large paintings (what a relief!!!)
However, I still love the idea and still receive great reactions. 2 weeks ago suddenly a new variation arose in my mind and I started experimenting again with new art-bags.
Above a first peek. A close-up of an art-bag of the 2010-collection under construction. The first new bags will be exhibited on BLOOOM, the creative industries art fair in Cologne (Oct 28 - Nov. 1). When the collection is ready I'll add it to the Portable-art page on the Project-page of my website (I need to update the old page).

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