Saturday, September 25, 2010

Living from the heart

Detail from 'The big coalescence'

I'm reading a very interesting book, written bij Ab Straatman. It's about living from the heart (only published in Dutch).
It's full of confirmations about how I think about life (which touches me because I always thought I was a bit crazy concerning this), and of course also new insights.
Interesting is the part about male and female. He writes that on cellular level there is only a tiny difference in the DNA of men and women.
Deep in your soul everyone is masculin and feminin. But deeper, in your subconsciousness, you're neither masculin, nor feminin.
That struck me because I've often experienced that when I'm creating, and I'm in a sort of 'not being around'-mode, it doesn't matter at all who I am, or what I am.
Actually, when I'm in that sort of mode, I do not realize it. It's always afterwards, when I ask myself where I was when the composition was made.
Also, I'm often told that one's thought on first sight was, that my paintings were made by a man. It comes as a surprise that they were created by a woman.
I think that my paintings come from deep within me. From the place where it doesn't matt
er what you are.
Ab says that your subconsciousness is one of the strongest creating forces in life. In every way! I think it's true.

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