Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Principles and questioning....

Yes... I am self-opinionated and self-conscious.
It is not that I think I have a monopoly on wisdom, on the contrary!
Most things that come on my path I pull into question.
Not life itself, nor earth, nor the universe.
In order not to become insane, I've accepted life for what it is and I focus as much as I can on the advantages of it and on the wonders of mother nature.
What I do question is what people do, think, say, create, (try to) force upon others and why people do things/act/follow (sometimes blindly) because of the simple explanation: 'everybody does it'.
Especially the last part frightens me. I don't want to do things because everybody does it. Even as a child I already chose to take the other path.

Last Monday I saw an interview with Antanas Mockus, by Raoul Heertje (my compliments!) in the series 'Wintergasten'. Mockus is an eccentric mathematician and philosopher (known for his mooning-incident) who was the mayor of Bogota, Columbia, leading this town VERY succesfully in his own very unconventional way.
Not only did he make short work of the ruling corruption and cronyism. By following his own principles and using his imagination and perseverance, he for example succesfully introduced mimes as traffic controllers (dreadfully declining the amount of casualties). You don't believe your eyes... but it is true!
This is only one of the many changes he accomplished.
He was a candidate for the presidential elections in Colombia. Short before the elections he was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. According to his principles he informed the people.
He ended 2nd in the race.

This man is a hero to me... I feel deep admiration.
When you see him, you would not think that this soft intellectual nerd would be capable of changing the world around him.
But he is....
He is an example to me.
Never be afraid to question!
Never be afraid to look beyond your own imagination.

For everyone who is interested and can receive Dutch public television: the interview will be repeated on January 1, 13.55, Ned. 2, VPRO
It's in English (with subtitles)
Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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