Monday, February 21, 2011

No... it's not yet skirt day :)

(or like we say in Dutch: Rokjesdag...;-))
I like to paint on canvas or on walls, but it's also fun to paint on other stuff.
Like a skirt, or an apron with enough pockets so you don't need a bag for your cell phone and wallet.
Why not wear original (only 1 piece) art?
More pictures? Check


  1. So cool Esther!
    I had a show with deconstructed / reconstructed dolls and hand-printed imagery onto fabric for their clothing. Then hand-printed a black + white self portrait onto the blouse for my opening.
    Love your skirt!

  2. Thanks Susan :)))
    If you are interested, you should check Alexandra Drenth's art. She's my fellow artist at the new Artishox Gallery. On the homepage of her website, - - you currently can find her embroidery (she's multitalented). She's made a movie as well, with b&w portraits on the dresses