Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who's talking about humanity?

It's all about HUGE egos... the violence in the Middle-East.
The egos of the leaders who have it all... want it all..... and more.
At this very moment people in Libya are slaughtered because they protest against the rigid regime. Who's talking about humanity? This is disgusting. May the force be with the people...
Every day I dive into my own small world, trying to make it as nice, good and positive as I can. I focus on my beloved ones, my friends, the ones I care about, the ones who are important in my life or to whom I can make the difference.
And I focus on my work, of course. But I can not shut my eyes for what is happening in the world. Even with my eyes closed I can feel the unrest, the pain, the injustice.
It makes me feel so powerless, so sad. I don't want to succumb to that feeling. If I do, nothing is worthwhile living for anymore. We have to take responsibility for our own lives.
I keep on searching for the bright sides of life, and trying to create them myself as well. But then again, I wake up next morning and get confronted with the violence, injustice etc.. in this time for example the Middle-East.. and next I can't stop wondering why people do this to each other. Of course... I appreciate even more the peacefull evironment and luxury we live in, but it just is not fair!
What a strange, incomprehensible world we live in.

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