Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fresh New Website!

A new summer, a new look! (it doesn't always have to start in the spring).
According to my wishes my website has been completely redesigned by Artishox Media.
I think it's very important to have a clear site which is easy to handle for the viewer.
Since I don't want to make a catalogue of my website, one can only find a small selection of recent work on it.
It's just to give you an impression. In my opinion art should be experienced in real life, so one can immerse in it.
So if you like what you see, you can visit one of the galleries I work with permanently (CONTACT-button), to meet with the paintings for real.
Of course you can also contact me directly if you want more information.
Check it out

1 comment:

  1. Very well done Esther. Easy access to everything. One of the videos really gives justice to the colorful textures associated with your art...