Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The day after BLOOOM - a review!

I'm happy but soooooo tired. Last night I hit my bed at 03.00 hours and did not sleep well. BLOOOM, especially yesterday was too impressive to digest it all. Not only the exhibited art overall, but I received many many heart warming compliments on my work... People even came back after seeying the entire fair (sometimes 2 or 3 days one after another), to tell how they felt about it. I can tell you, it did something to me. Also, sometimes it gave me a strange sensation. It's like it was not about my art but about someone else's. Art Fair and Blooom together showed so many wonderful art that for me it's an honor to have been one of the participating artists. There have been made tons of pictures of my Girls in Paint... if I would have asked one euro for each picture I would have earned a lot of money!! One guy made about 20 detailed pictures of every painting from every point of view (of course without asking)... I would not have been surprised if he would have photographed the backside of the painting as well.
Anyway, I participated with ARTISHOX Art Gallery who also represented Philip Bosmans', Derek Stenning's and Michihiro Matsuoka's work. This combination was soooooo good! Lots of reactions on everyone's work. People drooling in front of Stenning's amazing astronauts, disarming smiles in front of Matsuoka's lovely creatures and astonished faces followed by happy smiles looking at Bosmans' paintings. It was so interesting to observe all those reactions, smiles etc....
It was an awesome reunion with artists I met last year like Pier Paolo Quaglia and his wife Cindy, Skeleton Hearts' Lisa Crawley, Elmer Presslee, Daniel van Nes, Christian Rothenhagen. Of course my dear friends and both artists Raf Veulemans and Miraschi! Also I met again with clients and people who were interested in my art last year came back. Great!
I really did miss Anthony, Claire, Nick and Sacha, but I met some lovely artists like Paul Tobin all the way from New Zealand, Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter, Kanter Dhaenens and our neighbour Ella Buzo from Cabinodd. I'm sure I'm forgetting people, I'm sorry.. the hard disk in my head is overloaded.

A few pictures here. The rest will follow later on facebook.

Finally, this evening the raffle will take place. One of the subscribers to my newsletter (old subscribers and new!) will win my painting: 'Come fly with me'. You can still subscribe until 18.00 hours my time!

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