Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Film and exhibition in New York

Pictures here of, of course NEW YORK - the theatre - Director of CALVET Dominic Allan and me - Jean Marc Calvet (the artist himself!) standing in the doorway at the beginning of the movie - Questions and Answers after the movie and next.... INVASION to the opening of the solo exhibition of Jean Marc Calvet at Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery on 150, 52nd. street - pictures made by me.

The day after the launch of CALVET I wrote an entire review on my iphone. 
I just had to get it out!
But somehow I could not publish it on my blog. So now, back home, I'm going to publish it after all. And a little bit more.

Sunday morning, NYC:
I'm sitting at Starbucks on 7th Avenue, drinking a green tea and thinking over what I've been experiencing during the past days here in NY.
The Calvet movie was just stunning. It has been launched yesterday at the DOC NYC festival in New York City.
Not that it is an action film with a lot of special effects... It's just this amazing extraordinary story told with so much openness
(I don't know if that word exists) and integrity that it hit me right in the heart.
It just rolled over me and afterwards it just blew me away.
Maybe because I know Jean Marc in person, maybe because of his honesty and not keeping up appearances...
Maybe because of the integrity of Dominic Allan the director of the documentary...
Maybe because of the intriguing music of Edith Progue... But I think it's everything together.
I've been following the proces of the movie since 2008, when I started working with Monkdogz Urban Art,
the gallery both Jean Marc Calvet and I work with in New York.
I've get to know him a little bit over the past years, am close with the gallery owners Marina Hadley and Bob Hogge, got to know several people
who are involved with the movie, like Dominic Allan and Edith Progue... I feel really priviliged to have been able to
attend this very special happening and the opening of the solo exhibition afterwards.
It was really crowded and there was this awesome undiscribable positive vibe...
It's the day after and I'm still walking around with this crazy smile on my face.
Just being happy I think and enjoying life. I'm going out there again now, in the sunshine
Just took a look at the NY marathon at Central Park and now heading to Times Square. I just love New York.
Opening of INVASION by Jean Marc Calvet, at Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery, 150 East, 52nd street, New York CityLots of very enthusiastic people and art lovers and buyers :)
I can only say this: go see the movie somewhere, somehow. It will be shown in several theatres in Great Brittain from Nov 24 until Dec. 13. and also will be launched on more film festivals all over the world. More info, check: www.calvetmovie.com and check Calvet's art on www.jmcalvet.com
And see here the Questions and Answers - interview after the movie.

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