Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wires of life

'Get Under the Wire'

After the explosion of colors in my last work - The Year of the Dragon - I wanted to make a work in black and white. Well, almost only black and white, since I added only one color (in several tones of course!) to it. When I look at my painting now it's finished, I just cannot believe that I've worked on it for weeks (with a pause of 5 days because I had the pleasure of having my fellow artist Bayo - mexican but living and working in Austin, Texas - and his wife staying at my house). It has a lot of details, but at the same time it looks so simple to me. I've been 'in this painting' for so long that I can not look at it objectively anymore.
It is called 'Get Under the Wire', 100x160 cm | 39x63 inch.
Get under the wire, is an english expression, and to me it's that + the exact translation of the words and a lot more. 

Talking of Bayo, his work is really awesome!!! He was in Belgium to attend the opening of his solo exhibition 'Let me in' at ARTISHOX Art Gallery. If you live in the neighborhood, just go there and take a look at his fantastic work. The show runs until March 4. If not, and you are curious: visit You can order his work online! And don't forget to take a look at the work of the other artists, as well as mine on artishopix!!!

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