Saturday, January 07, 2012

In the middle of a new painting

Finally the sun is shining... although tomorrow it will be raining again. Like it has not been raining for almost the entire month of December... grrrrrrr.
What really worries me though is to hear the sound of birds which usually announce spring... and to see buds on trees and bushes.... which always gives me this good feeling! But not in the first week of January!!!
But worrying does not help....So I better enjoy the sunlight shining into my studio big time!

I've started a new painting on the second day of this year and I just can't let go of it.
It grows under my hands and everytime again I watch it like it's a miracle. Maybe that is what drives me...?
There still is a lot of work to do on this painting and I don't know how long it will take to finish it. I've learned to be patient (well only considering my paintings).
It is called 'The Year of the Dragon' which is about to start (on January 23), my Chinese sign, so my year. Curious what it will bring! I'm going back to my painting now.

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