Sunday, August 05, 2012

'I Need Your Attention'

That's the title of the painting I'm constructing. It's almost ready. I guess it takes one or two more days.
The figurative-abstracts take more time than ever, because of more layers and more details.
Today someone asked me, if I was inspired by masks of carnival.
Not at all... on the contrary! 
I want to show on the outside, what's on the inside.
We've got a lot more going on in our inner world, than we show on the outside.
A lot of people wear a mask all the time. They (unconsciously) hide their history, emotions or uncertainty behind it.
The looks we see on the outside, can be strengthened, weakened, supplemented or adjusted, by the sensations and thoughts, which are (sometimes carefully) hidden on ones inside. 
We just have to open our minds, to look beyond our initial sight. 

It's in the manner of seeing, that moves our understanding.

This is a close up of a part of the painting. 
When the painting is ready a picture of the complete work will follow soon (here or on my website).

1 comment:

  1. Whow, this is deep........text and painting! And also very beautiful.
    Well done Esther!