Saturday, July 28, 2012

Scenes of a movie that never has been shot

Last week I visited the exhibition of Helmut Newton in Le Grand Palais in Paris.

Helmut Newton is a great photographer, and I admire his work and style over the years.

However, the exhibition was a bit of a disappointment to me... until the moment that we finally could enter the small video room.
The documentary, filmed by his wife June, made the difference. In my point of view, one had better FIRST shown the documentary, and next lead the visitors to the photos.
It's very interesting to see and hear what drives him, how he watches and observes, and what kind of person he seems to be. It makes that you can look at his photos from a different point of view.
Le Grand Palais itself is a beautiful site for photographers, and I couldn't resist to capture (simply with my iPhone) what I saw myself... I saw scenes of a movie that has been never shot.
Nothing in comparison with Newton of course, but nevertheless... I like them.
(more pictures of Paris, check here)

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