Sunday, June 16, 2013

Once more: Calvet - AND WATCH IT YOURSELF!!!!

I've been extremely busy lately, preparing for 2 solo shows later this year.
The first one already starts at the beginning of September, at Van Bellen Art, in Willemstad the Netherlands. So I am working my ass off!!!
I have to divide my precious time, and that's why I haven't been active on this blog.

Followers of my posts, have seen the blogposts I did on the movie/documentary on Jean Marc Calvet, my fellow artist and friend.
Finally the documentary came to Paris, as well as his solo exhibition.
Since I lived in Paris for a while, I still go there every year to visit my friends... and this time I combined it with the screening of the Calvet movie at the Majestic Bastille and the opening of his solo show at Galerie Mark Hachem on the beautiful Place des Vosges, in the presence of Jean Marc Calvet, Dominic Allan (the director) and Edith Progue (Soundtrack). 
All friends of me, and I am very proud of them.
Above and below some pictures...

BUT ALSO.... if you've become curious of the movie, check the link below, because you can watch the stunning documentary at home:

"CALVET Special Edition DVD - over 100 minutes of free extras & unseen footage
Clic BUY MOVIE - get DVD + Stream film online for free!

and or Download the Orginal Soundtrack:

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