Friday, January 31, 2014

A day at the Museum

Since the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, in April 2013, opened its doors again (after being closed due to restoration during 10 years!!!!!!) I wanted to visit it again.. But always there was a reason I could not go. No more excuses now, I just HAD to go!

So on an ordinary Thursday in January I went to the Rijksmuseum. I thought it would not be very crowded. Misconception... it was loaded! Especially at Rembrandt's 'Nachtwacht'. 

However, it is ABSOLUTELY worthwhile to visit this really beautiful museum!!! 
What a great collection of art!
One of the greatest museums I have visited uptil now.

Such a huge collection, really overwhelming. Tooo much to like. So I stopped taking pictures. However, this statue of wood of one of the Two Japanese Temple Guards (1300-1400) was fantastic:

And seeing 'Het Joodse bruidje' by Rembrandt in real life, was fantastic as well. I love his use of texture.

Only a few pieces of my favorites in between of many many more!

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