Thursday, January 16, 2014

NO ROMANTICISM!!!! - understandable ignorance

On a regular basis I receive messages from people, asking me if I can give them advice about techniques, because they like my art, and want to achieve the same as I do.
Most of these people paint in their leisure time, and don't realize that I've been working for years, day in - day out, to get where I am now, to maintain that and to keep on growing and stay a few steps ahead of the ones who (try to) copy me.
They don't see the sacrifices I had to bring.
I am not complaining, because I LOVE to paint, and I would do it all over again...
But being an artist is not always as romantic as they think it is.
Also... one has no certainties. 
No regular deposit of salary every month.
They don't see what the economic crisis did to many artists, me included.

Of course, a lot of people can paint, or think they can paint (I will not discuss the quality) and there's a lot of talent in this world.
However, talent alone is not enough, and everything can be copied easily nowadays.
A true artist, develops his/her own style, immediately recognizable for spectators.
One needs vision and has to be prepared to live the life of an artist, which, I can assure you, is not always as romantic as one thinks it is!

So maybe the ones who paint in their spare time, should adjust their expectations, and continue what they do right now. Painting is wonderful and can set your mind free for a while!

Having said all that... for me this is the right path to follow, and it makes me happy.

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