Friday, May 15, 2009

Gallery Delfi Form and Warnars&Warnars

'nayika eye keeper', 100x160 cm Ton Mertens, courtesy of Delfi Form and Ton Mertens

Yesterday I had to make a long trip through the small Netherlands. 'Long' because travelling in the Netherlands is really aweful. One traffic jam after another... I like driving, but I hate it when you have to stop for about a 100.000 times! Feels like we're living in/on an anthill.

First I went to Gallery Delfi Form in Zwolle to bring new work. The gallery director, Jan Buizer, runs his gallery for about 2 decades and is a real connoisseur!
I like his gallery very much. It's located in the ancient heart of Zwolle. He really has got a beautiful collection and works with great artists. I'm very happy that my art makes part of his collection.
At this moment there's an exhibition of the paintings of Ton Mertens... Wow, this artist has not only got a lot of imagination, but he knows exactly how to reproduce it on canvas. If you want to read more:
Sorry, it's only available in Dutch.
If you want to visit the exhibition it lasts untill June 4. Also Delfi Form always has paintings in stock.

Next I went to Naarden, which is near Amsterdam to deliver new paintings to the Warnars-brothers, Arnold and Bernard. Arnold immediately installed small paintings of the series: "Sign of the times" in the display window.

Warnars & Warnars is located in the centre of the lovely Naarden-Vesting (the old fortress is still there), close to 'Het Arsenaal' of the famous designer Jan des Bouvrie. They've got a long history, are very enthusiastic and represent old and contemporary artists, classic and modern. I like very much the work of Jan Scholten. He's a contemporary painter and his paintings (Dutch landscapes, but you've never seen them before in the way he makes them) are as beautiful in a classic design as in a super modern environment.
For more info watch

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