Sunday, May 17, 2009

Garbage and art

The use of garbage in art is wellknown. Recycling is a good thing, so why not use garbage or old things to create art? One thing is for sure: we've got LOTS of garbage!

At Studio Hergebruik in Rotterdam, you can buy creations of artists and designers who used old and broken things which would normally have ended on the rubbish dump. I think this is a great initiative. For example: Artist Iri5 makes art out of old cassettes and Matthijs Vogels makes bowls made of leek waste, coffee or tea, etc... There are so many possibilities and it starts to itch heavily when I think about all the creations I would like to make... I think I'd have to divide myself in at least 4 Esthers if I wanted to produce all of the ideas flying through my head.

Jimi Hendrickx, made by Iri5, courtesy of Iri5

Platform 21 has made a 'repair manifesto': "Things should be designed so that they can be repaired". "Don't ditch it, stitch it". They prevent the recycling because if you repair it, recycling isn't even necessary. If you want to read it all Good initiative!
courtesy of Platform 21

You can also use a complete rubbish dump to make a statement, like I saw at 'Palais de Tokyo' in Paris last year. (a very nice museum!)

Trash in Palais de Tokyo, Aug. 2008, Paris

Yesterday I went to the opening of the final exhibition of Chloé who's in her 6th and last year on secondary school, specification graphics. Each student had to make a campaign for the municipality of Overpelt (where her school is located). The assignment was to make a clear campaign to stimulate people to throw their garbage in the trash can, not on the ground (like, it's unbelievable, a lot of people do ????????). The exhibition took place in old sea-containers on the market place and also there was an exhibition in the school from the art-department. I was really surprised by the great ideas and concepts from the talented students. The municipality is actually going to make a choice out of the campaigns.

Chloé (right) and a classmate in front of a train made by cans (project of another classmate)

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