Friday, November 27, 2009

The quest

David, 30x40 cm........... Urban night life, 90x150 cm
oil on canvas................ acrylic on canvas
2004........................... 2009

Often art-lovers, but also emerging artists, ask about my techniques and how I came to the current state.

It's a lot of hard work and even more time...

Blood, sweat and tears are mixed up with laughter, happiness and satisfaction.
Also there's the knowledge that I've never 'arrived'.. I always have to keep on evolving. Besides the fact that I want to keep evolving, I know that if I don't, it can all collapse, and quickly too!
Anyway if I get stuck in mediocrity I know it will not bring me satisfaction. Neither would copying other artist's style. Even not when it would sell great and bring me lots of money.
I'm only being a little idealistic ;-)

It takes a lot of experimenting, doing, creating, making mistakes etc... to finally create a style which distinguishes your's from other artist's art.
Most of the people who want to become a visual artist, enter a stage of doing what a lot of others already have done. At that point, at least if you want to protrude above the rest, it's a mistake to think 'now it's art because it can be compared with the quality of what other artists have created'. Creating art is a personal thing, it has to carry your soul in it. It has to come from deep within (I think).
If you want to show something new, something different, please don't do (after your education of course!) what the rest already has done.
And if you do it, just do it to learn from it and keep on evolving!
When you've come to the point that you create things which other artists didn't make (yet), than you're on the right track! Even if the quality isn't good yet! The quality you can improve after you've found a style and/or composition of materials that is really unique. But most of the time in the process this is equivalent to eachother.

I know most emerging artists want to go fast, but some things you cannot speed up. If you run too fast... haste trips over his own heels.


  1. I want to ask you, how did you start to sold your paintings? did you search by yourself good galery?when it wasnt, still during the study? If an artist can just work, work and grow up,it will be perfect...but who has so luxury? Artist need to have someone which going to support him ,(I think) at least on the begining, then he can be free from worring - I need to earn something (!)I hope you know, what I mean. Did you have extra money to start up your work? I know its great to say just work and listen to your spirit, but....there is a normal live we have to paid of.
    Greatings Agata

  2. Agata,

    Of course it would be perfect to be able to only paint/create and be free from worries. That would be like heaven for artists. But people are never completely without worries. It depends on the way you look at life anyway.

    I didn't have extra money to start up and still don't have extra money. But you will not here me complaining, because I love the freedom that comes with being an artist. Most artists I know combine a job with working for themselves as an artist. Most of them even keep their jobs (some even after they've become more successful), because they want to be sure of their monthly income. Things never come easy. I don't know any artist that hasn't had his problems of starting up. Let me put it this way: being an artist practically always means incertainty and surviving. You'll have to live with that. If you cannot: don't try to be one, but look out for a steady job.
    There are only few contemporary artists who've become that rich and independant that it doesn't matter if there's nothing sold for some time. I don't belong to that happy few, I've got to work very hard for my money too. But it all starts with the urge to create. I need to create... earning money comes next. And if at one point I will not be able to earn enough money with my paintings anymore I'll find myself a job. But I would keep on painting in my spare time, because I would become very unhappy if I would not be able to express myself anymore through my creations.

  3. Thank you for the answer.
    " We artists are indestructible, even in a prison cell or a concentration camp I would be almighty in my own world of art. Even if I had to paint my pictures with my wet tongue on the dusty floor of my cell" Pablo Picasso

    I finished an art education, but I prefered a "normal" job, and steady income... I was always missing something, but in the same time never there to do it full time. Now I got financial and mental suport from my partner, (its difficult to accept -some time)but I want to give a try. Im not so positive person like you in live ;-), but paintings are my way out to shine.

    I wish you all best.

  4. Well then Agata, I wish you good luck and lots of success. Go for it!!!
    Best, Esther