Monday, November 23, 2009

The weekend and the WINNER!

Before the visitors arrived.

It was a great weekend. Saturday wasn't as crowded as Sunday, but nevertheless very satisfying. I enjoyed meeting again people who already have some/a painting(s) of my hand, and of course meeting new people. I'm still floating on the enthusiastic and positive reactions. Of course sales help too (lol). I tried to talk with everyone and both Ben and I were so busy, there was only one moment I had the chance to quickly take some pictures.

There were only a few people who forgot to fill in their details on the lottery. The box was filled and yesterday-evening my youngest son had the privilege, after shuffling the tickets over and over again, to pick (eyes closed) the winner of the new painting 'Reconciliation'. It is Mr. John Luijten from Luijksgestel (NL). He's already received a noticification through email and in the next days I'm going to deliver the painting to him personally.

Winner of 3 months free hire of the painting he choose to hire is Mr. Theo Kox from Eersel.

Exhausted but very satisfied yesterday evening at 17.00 hours!

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