Sunday, November 29, 2009

BOOST in exciting times

Sales currently are running well again, after it has been quieter than usual for me in September and October.
Of course in times of economic crisis this can be expected.
Fortunately I'm aware that being an artist means that your income is everything but steady. I've learned to live with that.
And putting things in the right perspective helps a lot too, as the manner of seeing does. 
Is your glass half full or half empty?

The many positive reactions on my work kept me eupeptic and optimistic (and grateful) and I'm very glad the negativity in the world didn't affect my work. Actually... maybe it did, but then I've managed to give it a twist in the positive direction. And of course, artists make art because they have to make it…it's like eating or breathing.

In the last weeks there were quite some sales through several galleries and during the Open Studio Weekend some older paintings were sold as well. This is great and it does give me an extra boost to get prepared for a new series of paintings for the new events that are coming up in 2010.

Amongst others:
  • An exhibtion starting on January 10 in Gallery 't Onderhuis, Lage Zwaluwe, Netherlands.
  • The 15-year-anniversary-event at Gallery de Kei in Nuenen, NL medio January. 
  • An exhibition in Basel, Switzerland in March.
  • A solo exhibition at Gallery De Kei, Nuenen, Netherlands. 
  • A solo exhibition at Gallery ART-ist in Geel, Belgium.
I'm looking forward to all of this and wish for everyone, though things will never be the same again, it will become better.

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