Wednesday, March 03, 2010

You can say I'm a little busy.

There's a lot coming up.
Actually I'm working on paintings for the art event in Basel (Switzerland) at the end of this month with the theme 'AQUA'.
Also Macro Mode Part 2 is almost ready. Today I got a call from Galerie Tatiana Tournemine in Paris that they will come to collect my paintings next Tuesday. Fortunately I'm on a huge flow and just want to paint, paint, paint and I'm very glad with the results.
So, just a short note right now on this blog... I'm going to rest right now to be able to finish my latest painting tomorrow!


  1. Bij sommige werken wordt ik stil , misschien van verbluffing hoe da je het zo prachtig kunt doen steeds met de Esther Barend handtekening in verwerkt, je droomt erin weg en het geeft rust ,beter dan Valium voor mij althans doe a little busy verder ,

  2. Your art is beautiful. I am getting things ready to work on my mosaic sculpture garden. In Basel, is this the famous Art Basel where your work will be shown? You should be in Art Basel Miami the first week in December. It's a really fun event, and the people will love your work.
    Caterina Lionti

  3. Bart, wat een complimenten jongen! Dank, dank, dank..

    Thanks Caterina... but no not Art Basel... that would be awesome though! I can only dream of that. Thanks for your compliments!!!