Friday, September 17, 2010

Engine of progress

The funny thing with my paintings is, that one often thinks that they are made very quickly.
I think this is because of the movements/dynamics in the painting. But actually it takes several days up to a week (to 2 weeks for a very large one), to create a new painting.
It's been build in lots of layers. When I'm not satisfied with the result of a layer, I have to remove it before it is dry.
It's not like with digital work where you can add or remove layers as much as you like, without damaging the rest of the work.
My latest work, 'Engine of progess', 120x100 cm/ 47x39 inch consists of 7 layers.
This is only a close up of a small detail of the painting.


  1. With digital art there is no risk-taking involved whatsoever. Don't you agree?

  2. Yes I agree, but.... one will never hear me speak negatively about digital art. Better said: good digital art (because like in all disciplines there's also a lot of crap). I've seen awesome digital art (images but also short films) and I'm impressed.