Monday, September 20, 2010

Highly recommended

French painter Jean Marc Calvet, living in Nicaragua, is my highly esteemed fellow-artist at Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery in New York City.
British Director Dominic Allan has made a long feature film about his-everything-but-common-life.
CALVET - redemption from darkness to fame. It will be released in 2011.
Saturday Jean Marc sent a message that the soundtrack of the film was online now.
Curious as I am for the movie, I immediately went to the website of Edith Progue, the micro-classical music composer of this soundtrack who lives and works in Paris.
I listened every track of 'CALVET'... Goose bumps! Especially Aelita. It made me even more curious to view the images which go with the music.
And I just had to discover the rest of Edith Progues music.

Curious too?
- and watch his paintings
- and listen to his beautiful music
-, to see some pictures made during the production of the film.
And of course, go see the film!


  1. Thank you for putting up that ugly picture of the team!! :p

  2. jean marc calvetSeptember 21, 2010

    Thank you very much Esther !!!