Tuesday, July 26, 2011


photo courtesy Walker Pickering

No, I'm not a US resident. So, hey, maybe I should just shut up.
But since the world has become so small through internet and social media, we are all related to eachother, somewhere or somehow.
Moreover, it is said that someone from outside who's familiar with the facts, can see the state of affairs more objectivly.

What happens in the USA affects the world.
Furthermore their happen to live a bunch of people in the USA I really love.
That is why I have to write that I'm just dumbfounded about the fact that there is so much counteraction against Barack Obama. Of course Obama is not perfect, he ISN'T a god... but he does his utmost!!! In my opinion Barack Obama is a president to be very proud of. He knows what integrity means and sets out to save the country from ruination after Bush's devastating leadership.
Bush left something that looks suspiciously like a garbage dump, and now Obama and his administration have the thankless task to clean up the trash in only 4 years.
This almost impossible task has become even more impossible, because of the constant counteractions by the republicans who's only goal seems to be 'power'.
Not the welfare of ALL their residents is the most important issue on their agenda, but the next presidential elections.
But hello.... HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
What about COOPERATION to save the USA??
Do I have to spell it out?
Work together people, and save your country.
Use the money meant for the presidential campaigns for your country.
I know it's not enough, but it will have a better destination.
Rebuild the US... so you can start living the REAL American Dream!
After reaching that goal, you can start quarreling again about who will deliver the new president.
Anyway, the competition will be much more righteous by then.

More photos of Walker Pickering: http://walkerpickering.com/

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