Thursday, September 22, 2011

Corporate identity

Wow, what's in a name!
Today 'The Ultimate Conjunction' was revealed, with great interest, at Big Media Group.
Through ARTISHOX Art Gallery I got the assignment to create a large painting for this worldwide operating enterprise.
The headquarters of Big Media Group is situated in a very modern premises, with large white walls, a lot of light through large windows, and real trees growing inside of the building.
Big Media's main task is to connect enterprises through their magazines, which are regional oriented. The company has very strong values, and their staff is very loyal. The company is modern, dynamic and innovative.
Those aspects made the inspiration for my painting: connection - cooperation - weaving - fusion - together - going for the ultimate result - dynamics.

It is always exciting, but fortunately the C.E.O.'s of Big Media were thrilled, and their staff as well.
Anyway, I am so proud that my art is in their house!

Big Media Group is also on Facebook.

The Ultimate Conjunction, 150x300 cm / 59x118 inch

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