Sunday, September 18, 2011


Small detail of the blurred painting... me busy applying the last details.... the finishing touch. The client is the first one to see the complete painting. 

Okay... the large painting is ready!
During the process of creation a painting gets under my skin deeper and deeper.
I've been absorbed by it for about 3 weeks now, and I just had to crawl out of it and let go.
Upcoming week: presentation to the customer. The company wanted a screamer... one you can't pass without being moved by it (in one way or the other).
I think it will be very hard to NOT notice this painting. Nevertheless, the main thing is that the customer likes, no... loves the painting. Exciting!
Ben (Artishox Art Gallery) thinks the work is great and although I'm very satisfied with the painting myself, I know I'm going to be nervous about the reaction of the client (as always).

Not that I can sit down and relax now.
I've started another painting on commission.
And I have to create a few more paintings for the upcoming art fair BLOOOM in Cologne - Germany  (end of October), and for a new solo exhibition at Van Bellen Art in Willemstad - Netherlands (December)
Last year the first edition of Blooom, the creative industries art show, in the 'Staatenhaus am Rheinpark' in Cologne, was a success. It is linked to ART Fair 21, the very prestigious art fair which shares its facilities and space with Blooom from Oct. 29 until Nov. 1 2011.
This year I'll be represented once again on BLOOOM by Artishox Art Gallery, together with 2 top artists and 1 very talented emerging artist. EXCITING!
Besides all that, I'm busy with a few other things... It's a bit too much all together, and I have to set my priorities all the time,  but hey... nothing to complain about.
I just have to remind myself every now and then that I need to relax, that's all.

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