Monday, September 12, 2011


A few sneak preview-images made during the construction of the composition. The final result will be different.
And yes... I dyed (painted) my hair too.

Since about 2 weeks I'm busy with an awesome assignment which I got through Artishox Art Gallery: creating a large painting (and I love making large paintings!) for the reception of a big international media enterprise. 
This is also called 'Corporate Art'.
In my opinion this sounds too commercial.
Whether it is for a company or for a private person, for me art on commission always is a challenge.
I usually go to the site where the painting should hang.
The space, the interior/ the company, their image/ the people and their personality.... these all are very important issues for me to be able to define an image in my head of how the painting should be.
In my own recognizable style of course. I don't accept commissions that do not allow me to use my own style.
And every time again I succeed to surprise myself. In fact, when I think about it, assignments are partly responsible for the evolution in my work.
No pain, no gain.... the client only has to buy the painting when he/she is completely satisfied with my piece of art. Maybe that is the motivation which keeps me sharp.
Anyway, I see the current painting growing, and I already love it. Think it will cost me about 1 more week before it is ready.
Hopefully the client will be happy! If not, I will keep it and make another one.

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