Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Esther Barend has decided to protect the Earth!!!

Would it be a good idea to join the 'save the planet - publicity stunt hype' which is ruling our media?

Every self respecting brand nowadays announces to protect the oceans (Davidoff Cool Water), save the Filipino Crocodile (Lacoste) or reduce carbon dioxide emissions (L'Oreal). This is just a small selection of what I read in the media during the last week.
Those brands are so fulfilled by their own benefactor-act that they use it as a marketing tool, hoping more people will choose for their brand because of their good heart. I even dare to claim that some of them picked a good cause on purpose, with the aim to serve as a publicity stunt!
I'd say this is just a lot of bragging, automanipulation, look what a great brand/company/person I am... everyone should buy MY products!!

I wonder if more people would buy my paintings if I'd announce that I've been reducing carbon dioxide emissions for ages, only eat meat once a week, have reduced water-usage to a minimum, am not a big consumer, take the bike instead of the car whenever I can, donate a large amount of money to the Red Cross every year and although I already apply sustainable energy when- and wherever I can, I have decided to become even more sustainable????
Nahhhhhh, I don't think so!


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