Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DON'T mention them!!!

This blog is about my art....

But what seriously annoys me, is that the media in the whole world, talk all the time about the lawsuit of a serial killer from Norway, who murdered about 77 young people... and about the lawsuit of a male person in the Netherlands, who is that sick in his head, that he has had the most perverse sex with babies and children. And these are only a few examples...

WHY do we need to be remembered all the time of these sick people.
Just do NOT mention them!!!
If no one talks about them, if they are ignored.... they are punished more.
They just love the attention.

The media themselves are sick too
I think it is very important that people stay critical and that the people stay informed about what's happening in the world.... But I get a nasty taste in my mouth, about the reporting of a large part of the media nowadays.... it's all about the money here too. Who's the first to report about the next murder??? Who will be the first to film, photograph.......
Really sick...

How wonderful would it be if the media would start looking for the bright sides of life more...
All this negative, awful and bad reporting... it does the world no good.

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  1. I understand totally what you are saying. If we would concentrate on more positive things, more people would feel positive, be positive, and do more positive things. Why do the " bad " people get celebrated, and movies and books are made about them, when there are so many good things to live by and celebrate? Why is it that we often only celebrate the good people after they have died? I get what you are saying. That is why my whole blog is about positive thinking. Reneelovesart.blogspot.com. I am just beginning my art journey, and appreciate people like you who share the process and their feelings, their inspirations and motivations.