Wednesday, April 18, 2012

CALVET - the movie in BELGIUM!!!!

Yes... finally CALVET is coming to Belgium. The screenings will take place on April 29 and May 3 on the DOCVILLE festival in Leuven. The movie about the unlikely life story of my fellow artist - French painter Jean Marc Calvet, is as impressive and fascinating as his paintings. Little by little the viewer is led into the world of the now very successful artist who struggled to distance himself from his turbulent past as a drug-addicted thief who walked out on his own son. He fled to South America where for nine months he underwent a terrifying metamorphosis in all meanings of the word. A brutal but inspiring film about human low points, responsibility, regret and hope, destruction and artistic creation. The soundtrack is made by my dear friend Edith Progue.
I was privileged to see this movie at DOC NYC, in New York last November, in the company of Jean Marc Calvet himself, the producer Dominic Allan and the gallery owners of Monkdogz Urban Art, with whom Jean Marc and I work in New York.
The documentary just hit me right in the heart. 

Check, if you want to read about my experiences.
Check for more info and on for Jean Marc Calvet's paintings

Of course now I've ordered tickets again!

Do you want to join me? You can order the tickets online: -
I'll be going on April 29!
Maybe we'll meet in Leuven!!!

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