Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My art on TIMES SQUARE New York City?????

Okay... this is really me...
I decided to participate to this awesome looking art competition....

But now I just found out that it appears that if I had enough money, I would be able to just BUY ME IN TO THIS COMPETITION...
and if I do 'Your work is guaranteed to be shown on a 21 ft by 12 ft sign in Times Square'

Only if 77 people within less than 1 day click on 'COLLECT ME' on my page, I will be able to enter the competition.... not that my art will be shown on Times Square jet. And okay, since I am not very good in networking I think I can forget about it.

I'd better get back to what I'm good at: painting.


If you do believe in miracles and want to try to help me get my art to Times Square .... stop dreaming! I withdraw my participation. I don't want to be part of this.


  1. karin PerezApril 18, 2012

    OK, got it:)
    And how did you withdraw?????
    Karin Perez

  2. I logged in, removed the pictures of my paintings and removed the content 'about me'. The rest I could not remove. Anyway... there's nothing left to vote for now ;)
    But Karin, you already had a lot of votes... you might want to try enter te competition! If you don't have to pay for anything, it might be worth to just try. Take care!! Esther